Glazing products


We develop greenhouse glazing products that contribute to safe and efficient work practices in horticulture and glazing. And we love challenges! Our innovative products are shipped to many countries all over the world.

Not only our glazing products, but also all horticultural greenhouse maintenance and repair products. Products like scaffolding boards, various devices for storing glass (stock) and our Venlo or Widespan trolleys. These trolleys are carts that you drive through the gutter enabling you to carry out repairs to the greenhouse roof safely and easily. We also make

We also make auxiliary devices that allow you to move safely through the gutter. If a grower intends to carry out (emergency) repairs to the roof themselves, they can do this safely and quickly from the inside with our repair kit.

The CE approved professional GHT repair shuttle is also one of the products we have developed. Our glasshouse glazing products contribute to a safer working environment and to decrease the accidents working on the glasshouse.


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