Glazing machine

Glaze safely and quickly

Do you want to glaze Venlo glasshouses safely and quickly? Our manual glasshouse glazing machine makes it possible! A daily production of 1000 m2 per day is achievable with an experienced team of five people. Three glazers on top of the machine and two people take care of supplying the glass on the glass lifts. The machine is suitable for 3.20 m and 4.00 m Venlo glasshouses of the 3.20 m and 4.00 m type.

Glass lift

The 400 Volt electrical glass lift on both sides of the machine supply the glass quickly to the machine platform. Due to the adjustable limit switch on the glass lift, the glass is provided at just the right height for the glazer on top. With the help of a construction with special wheels, it is easy to move it to the next compartment.
You can watch the glasshouse glazing machine in action on our YouTube video. Also take a look at our scaffolding boards or solutions for horticulture.


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