Scaffolding board

Scaffolding board, glazing boards

We produce scaffolding boards with a standard length of 6 metres and in widths of 25, 30 and 40 cm. This makes them ideal for glazing and repairs to glasshouse roofs. Due to the long length and low weight (28 kg.) of the scaffolding boards, they are popular with painters in the construction industry. Optional extras include the extendable extension sprit and the sliding strips at the bottom, which make it easier to slide the board to the next compartment. Anti-slip plywood is the standard glazing board finish. The boards are also available with lighter cladding, such as aluminium checker plate or perforated aluminium sheet.

The scaffolding board rests on the trusses of the glasshouse. That is possible with our scaffolding support hook. We have various versions, adjustable on both sides for Venlo glasshouses or individually adjustable on two sides for widespan glasshouse trusses. The scaffolding support hook can be hung on the truss frame using a long remote support stick. Don’t forget to order them!

As a grower, are you planning to carry out the (emergency) repair yourself? You can do that safely and quickly with our repair kit.


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