Repair and maintenance


Even though there is clear legislation to prevent serious accidents, they occur every year due to dangerous working practices when repairing glass on glasshouses. No one is allowed to access the glasshouse roof without safe equipment. You can do maintenance or quickly replace a broken window with our glasshouse repair and maintenance solutions. They significantly reduce the risk of accidents on glasshouse roofs.

Our products

With our Venlo, WideSpan glasshouses repair and maintenance trolleys or our CE certified repair shuttle, you can carry out repairs to the glasshouse roof safely and easily. And with our glasshouse roof transport solutions you can move safely and stably through the glasshouse gutter. Our repair and maintenance trolleys are often used for greenhouse renovations to execute the work safely and efficiently.

For growers: Would you like to do an (emergency) repair on your glasshouse roof yourself? You can do that safely and quickly with our repair kit. In short, we have a solution for every situation.

Are you a professional and do you want the best for your staff? For these situations we have developed the CE approved Repair Shuttle, the sophisticated repair and maintenance device. Interested? You can also watch our product video on YouTube.


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