Glass repair kit

First aid kit for glass damage

With our glass repair kit, you can close a hole in a broken window in your greenhouse roof in no time. The set can be installed quickly, safely and from the inside. No tools or experience are required. Due to the large variation in deck glass sizes, the sets are made to order.

Bundle glazing works

An additional major advantage is that you stay in control of the repairs, which allows you to combine the work for the glazer. The glazer will only need to come once to carry out several repairs in one go, with a cost reduction per window as a result. The sets can be re-used many times, so you can simply store them for next time you have damage.
It is common for many growers to have window damage at the same time. At those times, glazers are extremely busy and you will be scheduled in the order in which the request was received. We also notice a massive increase in demand at those times. Despite the fact that we do our best, we cannot prevent our delivery times from increasing.
Whach our video on YouTube.


Prevent damage that overtakes you and keep a number of glass repair kit (recommended 3 per hectare) in stock! That is also the advice issued by Dutch insurance companies. Think of it as a first aid kit for glass damage; Hopefully you will never need it, but if you need it in an emergency, you will avoid a lot of extra damage. The Batist glass repair kit, simply indispensable.

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