Repair trolley Widespan

The solution for safe glass repairs

Even though there is clear legislation to prevent serious accidents, they occur every year due to dangerous working practices when repairing glass on greenhouses. No one is allowed to access the greenhouse roof without safe equipment. It is possible to carry out maintenance or quickly replace a broken window using the Widespan repair trolley and without the risk of accidents. This makes it possible to reduce the number of accidents on greenhouses.

How does it work

With the Widespan greenhouse repair trolley, the glaziers can safely drive through the gutter to the repair site with a new window.
The new glass window hangs in a special frame on glass carriers under the trolley. There is also room for boxes, easy to put the broken glass in or to dispose your waste. As an option, we have a certified safety rail/lifeline rails with two carriages. These slide up and down the rails with the glazer. If the glazer suddenly moves unexpectedly (falls), the carriage instantly blocks further movement. Interested? Watch our product video on YouTube.

With the service platform, the deck trolley can be moved easily from gutter to gutter. Do you have a Venlo glasshouse? Then click here.


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