Repair Shuttle

The certified solution for safe glass repairs

Even though there is clear legislation to prevent serious accidents, they occur every year due to dangerous working practices when repairing glass on greenhouses. No one is allowed to access the greenhouse roof without safe equipment. Maintenance or quickly replacing a broken window is possible with the Repair Shuttle without the risk of an accident. This makes it possible to reduce the number of accidents on greenhouses.

How does the Repair Shuttle work

The shuttle takes the glazers, with materials, to the right spot where they can work safely. The glass is carried up with our glass lift, then tilted and loaded onto the shuttle. This lift is used again later to remove the broken glass. There is a glass lifting frame with suction cups on top that lifts the window out of the box and lowers it above the repair site. The repairs take place from the outside of the greenhouse. Due to the folding work platforms, the shuttle easily drives over the (partially) opened windows.


The shuttle is equipped with rails with two roller guides to which you can attach the supplied safety harnesses and self-tensioning roller belts. Move the Repair Shuttle to another roof section with a service platform that runs on rails outside the greenhouse. The entire repair equipment complies with CE and machine directives. For more information visit the repair shuttle information site or watch our product video on YouTube.

Of course, in an emergency it is advisable to close the gap quickly and from the inside. We have developed the repair set for that.


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