Service platform

Product information

The glasshouse service platform is designed to move a Venlo or Widespan deck cart from one glasshouse gutter to anther gutter. This rolls over the service rail along the top of the glasshouse, so you can reach every section of the glasshouse roof. Once aligned with the gutters you can secure the platform to the service rail. This enables you to roll the trolley or other means of transport onto the glasshouse roof. The working space on our sevice platform is 100×200 cm and can be fitted with a glass lift.

The platform is designed to move people, including tools and a new glass window with a maximum weight of 350 kg. There is an access hatch in the bottom of the platform. For high greenhouses, the platform is fitted with a cage ladder, allowing people to enter the platform safely. The top railing has 2 brackets to attach our gutter walker, gutter bike or gutter step after use. Interested? You can also watch our product video on YouTube.

The glasshouse service platform complies with the Dutch standards for suspended and mobile scaffolding.


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